Many video producers are trying to use email to share larger and larger video files. As these video files grow emailing becomes inefficient and cumbersome. FTP hosting will allow video producers to share files securely and without regard for how much storage they are using. Video producers no longer have to try and zip or compress large files when sharing files via FTP Hosting or ship via FEDEX/UPS to share videos. With no file size limits and bandwidth overage fee’s you are free upload and download as many times as you please.

What is FTP?

File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is a protocol that enables digital files of all types to be transferred over the internet regardless of the size. Since the process is more cost effective and reliable when using an FTP hosting solution, more and more video producers are using these services to communicate with vendors and clients. These services are so easy to use that even the most non-technical user can transmit files in a secure, efficient manner. Whether it is inviting clients to download proofs, or wedding videos, it can all be made done seamlessly with the FTP hosting service.

Benefits of FTP Hosting

The benefits of FTP hosting services lie in FTP’s ability to facilitate file transfer more efficiently than almost any other internet-based protocol. Although many video producers rely on email to transfer files, others have come to realize that this method is insufficient and not secure enough to support sensitive intellectual property. FTP hosting services offer the easiest way to make confidential files arrive securely each and every time. Below are just some of the benefits professionals in the video profession can enjoy with FTP hosting:

Reliability: You can rest assured that your information was properly uploaded to the server and downloaded to the clients local drive. When using a service that employs encryption, you get the added assurance of knowing your property is safe.

Speed: FTP hosting solutions offer the fastest and easiest way to make files available for clients and vendors. This is the type of performance you will enjoy with a service that provides adequate storage, bandwidth and network connectivity.

Ease of Use: Using an FTP hosting service is as simple as signing into your account with a username and password. The same credentials allow your clients and vendors to log into the FTP site from any internet connection in the world.

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