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Medical professionals will find that FTP Hosting will SAVE thousands of dollars and many hours each day. Files can be uploaded and downloaded 24 hours a day every day of the week. Doctors can upload the voice files to the server and then the transcriptionist can download the voice files to transcribe. Companies will multiple transcriptionists will find FTP hosting a life saver when needing to share files with doctors and co-workers.

We offer private FTP service to transfer information with your customers, between multiple office locations, or with employees and/or consultants who work offsite. This option is great for distributing files, applications or large amounts of data, where other methods are inefficient. Each user has their own private folder, separate from other users, ensuring that files are accessible only by those for whom they are intended. From our control panel you can create, manage, or delete user accounts.

Benefits of FTP Hosting for Medical Transcription:

  • Administration from a web browser
  • Each account has their own private folder, not able to view other accounts
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Accounts are setup within 5 minutes
  • Medical files can ONLY be viewed with a username/password
  • Share Files Easily
  • Never have to burn a CD and pay costly shipping charges

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