Soft Storage Limits

Our FTP hosting service allows you to upload as much as you and your customers would like. CyberLynk will never block any files. Once per month CyberLynk will audit our FTP hosting customers and if your account(s) are found to be over the storage limit for your current package you will be sent an email giving you 5-7 days to clean up your storage space. If you clean up the storage space and get it below your current package limits you will not be upgraded. If your account is still over the limit as of the date specified in the email notice your account will be automatically upgraded. The customer can request a downgrade at any point in writing to billing@cyberlynk.net.

Soft storage limits allow you and your customers the flexibility to upload files without worrying about what package you have signed up for. Your FTP hosting package can grow with your business needs to ensure that you are never overpaying for unneeded services.

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