Many architects are faced with the challenge of sending large blueprints and layouts over the internet. After all, professionals in this field need an efficient, secure medium to transmit files to their colleagues and clients. Although email is always an option, the major concern is that when large files exceed the predetermined limit, the transmission process if often terminated. This is an issue neither architects nor their customers can afford to deal with.

The Simple Solution

FTP hosting services provide a more effective way for professionals to transfer large files and architects are not excluded. Not only do they offer efficiency, but added security by preventing unauthorized parties from accessing sensitive information. Architects often use these services to deliver previews of work to their clients, transmit completed projects and exchange confidential plans and designs. FTP hosting services deliver all the features needed to transfer blueprints and layouts over the internet and virtually any other network. Regardless of the file size or type, Architects can use FTP to transfer content including but not limited to:

  • Interior and exterior designs
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Master plans
  • Sensitive financial data
  • Consultancy details

With FTP hosting services, architects are provided with server space allocated specifically for their needs. Only FTP account holders will have the ability to access files, allowing professionals to communicate with their clients in a secure fashion. Aside from password-protection, the process of file compression provides added security for the transferring of sensitive data.

Features of FTP Hosting Services

Features tend to vary as there are numerous FTP hosting service providers on the market. Here are some of the common features you will find offered:

  • Abundance of server space and bandwidth
  • FTP client software to upload, download and manage files
  • Private FTP accounts
  • Customizable directories
  • Redundant data backups
  • 24/7 customer service and technical support

Choosing the right FTP hosting service is vital for architects and anyone who has a need to transfer a large volume of files over the internet. It is recommended to find a provider that keeps security in mind and offers all the features specific to your personal or business needs. Most importantly, you need a company willing to deliver responsive support when questions or concerns need to be addressed. With the backing of a reliable provider, architects and many others benefit from all that FTP hosting services offer.

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