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FTP makes a great tool for transferring files over the internet as it is far more reliable than the email system. At the same time, many IT departments find FTP difficult to work with due to its lack of manageability and need to have internal employee’s manage permissions not to mention the huge bandwidth requirements for an onsite FTP server. With the increasing significance of file transferring in everyday business transactions, organizations need a more secure way to communicate with clients and vendors. Companies are learning that FTP hosting services provide the best way for IT departments to seamlessly integrate FTP into their business processes.

A New Approach to FTP

Numerous providers have taken the best of FTP and leveraged recent innovations in technology to overcome its shortcomings, providing organizations with a more efficient and secure way to transfer files. These solutions conceal the underlying complexity from non-technical users while allowing businesses to carry out processes that meet security and compliance requirements. FTP hosting offers simplicity to IT departments and end-users alike, providing a system that is just as easy to use as the email infrastructure with added efficiency. The straightforward process of simply uploading files to the FTP server and downloading from the FTP client results in little to no training time.

Research shows that attachments account for up to 80% of all business messaging traffic. Not only is this method unreliable, but terribly insecure. Aside from taking a gamble that the transmission will be terminated or that the attachment may not open properly for the recipient, organizations using the email system also put themselves at the risk of exposure.

Where the email system puts sensitive data in jeopardy, IT departments can keep their communications secure when opting for an FTP hosting service. Military-grade encryption algorithms can be applied to make sure data is secure while in transit, protecting it from any unauthorized party trying to intercept the content. Cost efficiency is key for IT when it comes to any system, file transferring solutions are no different. With high-quality solutions available for a fixed monthly or annual fee, FTP hosting is capable of meeting those needs.


FTP hosting services make sense for any organization as they allow file transfer in a simple, secure fashion. A good service provider can help your business solve the issues of file transfer as they relate to email and File Transfer Protocol itself. With low maintenance and management requirements, IT departments can benefit tremendously and finally put an end to their file transferring woes.

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