Recruiters are constantly sharing resumes, cover letters, references, NDA’s, employment application and other documents related to filling job openings. Instead of emailing them and wondering if they were received why not use FTP hosting? Recruiters often send batches of job applications a company for them to review and FTP hosting makes that process via simple.

Why FTP Hosting?

File Transfer Protocol, more commonly known as FTP, is a reliable internet protocol with the ability to serve all purposes of business communications. Recruiters can send large volumes of files irrespective of size or type over the internet all while retaining the privacy of the contents. This covers procedures, information on upcoming events, applications, agreements and much more. With an FTP hosting service, the provider allocates space on a server, allowing you to store your files securely on a remote location. This space remains private for your personal use, letting you share files with clients, co-workers and vendors.

FTP Hosting Security

Whether you are transmitting files related to an upcoming event or procedures submitting an application, it is vital to protect the information from snoops and hackers. With an advanced FTP hosting service, you can rest assured as your data is secured in various ways. First, you are provided with a unique username and password to help keep unauthorized parties from your content. Additionally, most FTP hosting companies provide added security with protocols such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or SSH (Secure Shell Host). These protocols encrypt your files as they sit on the FTP server, keeping them secure while traveling over the internet. When the data arrives to the recipient, they can then access the contents of the files with a password known as a decryption key. A reliable FTP hosting service will provide the maximum security for your data.

Advanced FTP Hosting Features

Not all FTP hosting services are the same. As you would expect, an advanced solution offers added functionality and tighter security. Some of the common features include:

  • Lightning fast transfer with high-speed internet connections
  • Comprehensive control panel for managing FTP accounts
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Maximum uptime
  • 24/7 customer service and technical support

It does not matter what profession you are in, the ease of use, security and cost efficiency of an advanced FTP hosting service can deliver the reliable medium needed to handle everyday communications.

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