FTP is the standard protocol for managing files over the internet. Though very efficient at transferring files, FTP is insecure in its native form. Businesses looking for a way to securely transfer files will be happy to know that there is a solution – FTP hosting. FTP hosting services offer the best of FTP by allowing professionals to effectively transfer large files with the added benefit of security. These services are useful to professionals in many industries, including lawyers.

Advantages for Lawyers

FTP hosting services provide lawyers with a secure medium for transmitting legal files over the internet. Although some prefer to use email, this method lacks efficiency and definitely doesn’t provide the security needed to protect sensitive legal documents. With FTP hosting services, lawyers can rest assured by knowing they can effectively share files with colleagues and clients all without worrying about unauthorized access and tampering. When using a reliable service, lawyers can enjoy the ability to quickly share files in few easy clicks of the mouse. FTP hosting services offer many benefits by helping lawyers do away with the insufficient, insecure email system. No longer do they have to break down important documents into multiple files. With FTP, files can be transmitted efficiently regardless of file size or type. In addition, lawyers have the power to create individual folders for each of their clients and set permissions, this ensures that only authorized parties can access the content intended for them. FTP hosting services provide the privacy that is so important to both lawyers and their clients.

FTP hosting service providers go above the status quo to make sure their customers enjoy the highest level of security, something that is an absolute must in the legal field.

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