CyberLynk offers an Enterprise level feature set with Every FTP Hosting package. With over 17 years of serving businesses we understand what you need in an FTP Hosting package. This is why all of the features below are included in EVERY FTP hosting package:

  1. sftp Access

    Our File Sharing Platform includes support for SFTP, file transfer secured over a Secure Shell connection. This file transfer type, which originated on Linux, has made its way into the file transfer realm as well and has become more and more popular. The primary advantage of SFTP is that it...
  2. Soft Storage Limits

    Our FTP hosting service allows you to upload as much as you and your customers would like. CyberLynk will never block any files. Once per month CyberLynk will audit our FTP hosting customers and if your account(s) are found to be over the storage limit for your current package you...
  3. Storage Graphs

    Our File Sharing Control panel will show you the storage amount you have purchased and used over the lifetime of your account in a pretty graph. By default you will see the last 7 days of usage and you also have the ability to change the start and end date...
  4. Storage Space

    Storage space is the amount of storage that is provisioned for your account. At FTPhosting.com every package has a soft storage limit that allows you to continue uploading files even though your purchase package storage space limit may have been reached. Our FTP hosting service allows you to upload as...
  5. Unlimited Bandwidth

    All of our packages include unlimited bandwidth. This means that you will never be nickeled and dimed to death for overage charges. You and your clients can upload and download files without fear of hitting a bandwidth limit. FTPhosting.com will also NEVER limit how fast you can upload and download...

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