CyberLynk offers an Enterprise level feature set with Every FTP Hosting package. With over 17 years of serving businesses we understand what you need in an FTP Hosting package. This is why all of the features below are included in EVERY FTP hosting package:

  1. No File Type Restrictions

    CyberLynk allows you and your customers to upload any file type. Whether you are uploading an exe, bat, cmd, png, jpg, gif, mov, avi, cgi, php, html, asp or any other file type you use the FTP hosting server will accept it.
  2. No Hidden Fee’s

    Tired of hidden fee’s? Forgot to read the fine print? CyberLynk does not have any hidden fee’s or overage charges. Your monthly package charge is all you will ever be invoiced for unless you upgrade your account. CyberLynk FTP hosting packages allow for unlimited bandwidth and unlimited connections so you...
  3. No Max File Size

    CyberLynk’s FTP hosting does not have a file size limit. Our FTP Hosting servers will accept any size file and will never block a file for being too large. The most efficient method for uploading and downloading large files is using an FTP client. An FTP client will ensure the...
  4. No Setup Fee

    Gone are the days of being charge a setup fee. CyberLynk will never charge a setup for our hosting services and this goes for upgrading and downloading too.
  5. Per User Permissions

    On a per username basis you can setup file storage quota’s, read, write, create, modify, append, list and delete permissions. You can also require the username to connect to the FTP server with a secure 128bit SSL/TLS connection. This is a nice feature for HIPAA Compliance to ensure your end...

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